We are passionate “mainframers”

About us

Whether a youngster or with over 30 years of experience on the mainframe, we believe in the mainframe – with our mind and our heart.

The mainframe is said to be “old” and soon to be replaced. Some may pretend it is not flexible and attractive. They forget the mainframe’s unique high-end capabilities security, availability, scalability, performance and backward compatibility. No other computing infrastructure combines such capabilities and delivers similar high-performance (24×7) services.

Today a mainframe is not “mainstream”, yet we are (still and always) enthralled by it. No other computing platform has been so versatile and consistent over the years. It offers young people countless opportunities for discovery and development, combining the new with the old.

We work every day on ways and means to make the old “fighter” mainframe, born in 1964, more accessible and agile. And to create enthusiasm among IT architects and users who prefer to operate processes with modern user interfaces. In the process, we also come up against limits, our own, those of our colleagues and those of the technology. We discuss things, and we decide together on the best solutions. We have more innovative ideas than we can currently implement.

Even if you don’t know the mainframe and its possibilities yet, many possibilities are open for you. We are looking for people with a love for (assembler) programming and interest in an open and honest interaction in a small and fine team. Please contact us.

The Company

rvs-systems GmbH develops, maintains, and supports (mainframe) software product since its foundation in 2008. Its second leg is the clearing of software license transactions.

Starting with mainframe product support and development services for third party products, rvs-systems GmbH has expanded its services to the development of own software products. Our products use comprehensive mainframe knowhow as well as dedicated knowledge of modern architectures to bridge the mainframe and the open world.

In addition, we provide expertise in server and system operation of mainframe z/OS and the open world for our own development as well as for partner companies. Based on the long-standing successful business relations with T-Systems International GmbH, the customer base has meanwhile grown to include globally active partners in the IT world and in the automotive sector.

The Team

The team of rvs-systems GmbH consists of a healthy mix of “old hands” in the IT industry and junior developers for the z/OS and open world and is led by a management with many years of experience in the telecom and IT industry. This mix of experience, risk awareness and curiosity for new things, allows us to offer customers attractive solutions.

RVS Team