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a legacy is a valuable heritage

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We support the modernization of your mainframe IT processes:

your leap into the open world.

with the support of mobile applications.
in the maintenance and further development of proprietary software.

Our expertise and products for your processes

Our knowledge spans bits and bytes from assembler up to mainframe communication with the open world. We use comprehensive mainframe knowhow as well as dedicated knowledge of modern architectures and IT security for the interaction of the open world with your mainframe processes and data.

How do I easily get into a mainframe environment with a modern and attractive GUI?

In today’s IT business, responsive web applications that also run on mobile devices are state of the art. The codes use http REST APIs to communicate with the backend server side.

We provide your mainframe architecture with a highly efficient solution. REST4ALL (R4A) offers multiple options and technologies to instantly add a RESTful API to almost any of your z/OS applications.

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Processing data in the mainframe means high-performance but is cost-intensive and requires experts with mainframe know-how. In the open world, Kafka is established for processing large amounts of data and offers cost-effective scalability, performance and security.

If your mainframe architecture could provide a connection to Kafka clusters in the open world, the modernization options for IT processes with legacy data are multiplied.

Our zKafka Connector (RzK) allows exchanging mainframe data easily and efficiently with a Kafka cluster via a native interface.

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Some mainframe software has been running for decades, adapted to business needs, in high speed and high quality. These applications thus form part of the legacy of companies, since they have been adapted to the company’s own processes over years or decades. And this software needs good, careful maintenance.

We take care of your mature mainframe software as you may have problems finding the (right) experts. Our staff is experienced in all mainframe languages, enjoys assembler and finds solutions in source code that is older than they are.

Since 2008 we are the largest reseller of the rvs® product line of T-Systems International GmbH: rvsEVO and rvsMVS. For secure and reliable point-to-point communication on OFTP2 standard.

Contact us if you


need easy access to a mainframe with a mobile device,


require data interchange from the mainframe to an Apache Kafka cluster in the open world WITHOUT going through Java or Unix System Services (USS),

enjoy mainframe ASM/HLASM programming,
are just curious about us.