Maintenance / Development Mainframe Products

Mainframes are alive

IBM mainframes are still the gold standard for security and reliability, and set the benchmark for performance in IT processes. Although “canceled” decades ago, the hardware technology and its software continue to live and evolve.

Mainframe software often performs its service for many years or decades by optimally adapting to your business processes with unique efficiency. All software needs good, careful maintenance: to adapt to new requirements, to constantly changing infrastructure or even to fix problems or errors.

We help you maintain and adapt your mainframe software to modernization requirements in a reliable, secure and powerful way.

Our track record since 2015 shows a growing range of mainframe software that we maintain and develop with our customers or as a single resource, even for production related areas. Our staff speaks current programming languages as well as classics such as mainframe assembly language and REXX.

We know what it means to take care of proprietary software in and around the mainframe.

Contact us if you have problems to find experts for your mature software.


If you are looking for support on a temporary or long-term basis, in a project, as a package of a long-term software maintenance or on a time & material basis, feel free to contact us.

We support operating system related or communication based software as well as application software.